Got a nagging job that needs doing? One of those tasks that just keeps getting put off? Thankfully we have the answer. Why not utilize our Handyman Service?

At Shine Pools, Inc. we realize that not everybody is planning a major construction project. Sometimes you may just want a helping hand with an unfinished DIY task or one of those small jobs that never seems to get done. Are you fed up with contractors telling you it's not worth their while or postponing your task to take higher value work? If so then Shine Pools,Inc have the answer for you.

In order to meets the needs of all our customers we started our Handyman Service. This dedicated service is all about the little jobs, the tasks that would otherwise be left unfinished or the jobs that you are too busy to handle.The Handyman Service isn't a list of tasks that we can do, it's a quality and professional service that you call upon when you need a helping hand.

This service is open to everybody but it can be of particular help to the elderly and people with disabilities. It is often used by people who have demands on their time and don't like to use their leisure time for DIY.

You're probably wondering exactly what things we can do for you. As mentioned we really leave that up to you but, as an example, here are some of the tasks we've been asked to do:

Below is a list of just some of the services we provide:

›› Replacement of Pool lights
›› Installation of pool ladders
›› Repairing of all Equipment
›› Equipment Installation
›› Pool Cleaning / Maintenance
›› Chemical Distriubution
›› Leak Detection
›› Filter replacement

The above represent some of the jobs we've helped our customers with but it is far from an exhaustive list. If you would like to ask us a question regarding the Handyman Service or obtain a quotation then please feel free to contact us. Our contact details can be found here.